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2 August 2006

Site now reloaded onto new server

6 September 2002

Schematics of Handset UC1 PCB
Cybot Display page added - schematics and comments

7 August 2002

Schematics of IR communications PCBs
Handset page added - schematics and comments

7 July 2002

Cybot Uc1 board update

11 May 2002

Link Page Updated.
Survey Results Update

9 May 2002

Fault Finding Guide updated - In the Cybot area.
Further motor and power checks/pages added

25 Apr 2002

CYBOT IR PCB Added - In the Cybot Tech area.
Many thanks to MEDIC for supplying the images

21 Mar 2002

LED BOARD ZIP files re-uploaded due to an error (Thanks Tremor).

20 Mar 2002

LED BOARD led sequencer project added in projects area.

18 Mar 2002

INITIAL CyBRAIN PAGES ADDED - See Cybot projects in Cybot section.

16 Mar 2002

SALVAGE SECTION UPDATED - added hall effect switch pages.

11 Mar 2002

CYBOT REPAIR SERVICE added, located in Fault Finding section of CYBOT pages.

5 Mar 2002

Slight changes to Sonar IO and Cybot Communications Pages.

4 Mar 2002

Sonar IO Page updated - circuit diagram and comments added.
Communications page updated - switch settings order reversed.

28 Feb 2002

Various updates, improved navigation.

27 Feb 2002

Sonar pages updated - analyser captures and how it works.
Motor pages updated - line follow mode updated, with analyser captures.

25 Feb 2002

Communications pages added.
Light IO page updated.
Sonar IO page added.
Connector repair page added
Cybot RF remote handset project added.

24 Feb 2002
4bit RF remote system added to projects section, some still under construction.

21 Feb 2002
Due to the problems suffered with poor connections, I've moved to
Many of the pages have been revamped
Any links to the prohosting site should be changed to HTTP://