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Welcome to the CYBOT pages

**NEW** Handset UC1 Schematics - See Handset Page
**NEW** Cybot Display Schematics and page

Previous Update
UC1 and IR Schematics
Handset Technical information

CyBRAIN is located in the cybot projects index.

Cybot is a small kit robot distributed with a magazine every two weeks.

I am attempting to provide accurate information and observations within these pages.
Also, various modifications, projects, known problems and fixes.

You will typically find a download section on each page.
This area contains schematics, component datasheets, captured analyser results etc.

Each page will typically detail various functions.

For example:
  Sonar IO details ultrasonic operations.
  Communications details chip-chip information exchange.
  Light IO details sounder function and line follow decoding / behaviour.